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Posted on: August 6, 2009 12:16 pm
Edited on: August 7, 2009 5:45 am

Big contracts equal TV blackouts

Recently I was listening to NFL Network on my satellite radio and I heard about Eli Manning's new contract of 90 something million. With his remaining salary, that puts him over 100 million. Fans were arguing if Eli was worth this much. The NYG fans are arguing that he has a SB ring (what would they be saying if any one of a number of Patriots DBs had held on to several of this 100 million dollar man's passes and he lost the big game?). Last I looked, football was a team sport. I watched that SB and the Giants won with a below average QB who was a constantly trying harder to throw INTs then completions. Does anyone remember Eli rolling out to his left and passing to Plaxico Burruss who was wide open, would have made the catch and probably run a long way (if not all the way)? It was as if he failed to loose the game and won because of the better efforts of his team-mates, yet who gets the SBMVP?

But I regress, My point isn't that history is filled with SB teams with below average QBs and teams lacking in other areas and unable to reach the big show, but the QB was amazing. Johnny Unitas never won a SB, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, and so on. Are we to believe that the Brad Johnson's, Trent Dilfer's, Chris Chandler's and; yes, Eli Manning's (belongs with this list IMHO) are superior to the Dan Marino's Johnny Unitas's and Dan Fout's of the league? No, my point is ticket prices. If NYG Fans want Eli (and slightly better then average QB) to make 100 Million dollars and jack up the price of home games even more, good, let them foot the bill. Unfortunately it isn't that easy. QB's with better stats (Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, etc.) are going to want their piece of the pie. Teams are going to have to pay it. In this economy fans can hardly afford tickets now. While we all face lay-offs, pay raise freezes, unemployment, hiring freezes, etc. The spoiled brat's are going to ask so much that they will kill our ability to attend games. IF we can't afford to attend games, then the games will stop being sold out and means TV "black outs" which means we can't even watch these pre-Madonna’s.

And another thing. If you play football, and you put on pads, you are a "back (Running, back, Half-back, full-back, defensive-back or QUARTER-BACK) then you should be able to get hit as hard, as often, and in the same manners as any other BACK on the field. If I'm playing DE and I get a chance to hit a 100 million dollar man, I'm going to get my money's worth.

Quarterbacks are nice and we need them, but $100,000,000.00?!?!? Arguably, the most important job in the USA is President of America. Like him or not, he has THE most important job. Do you know what his salary is? $400,000.00/yr so if he is elected again, the most he can make is 3,200,000.00 or if he was able to be president for 10 years, that would be 4,000,000.00 or the US President is worth about 45 of what an average QB in the NFL is worth?!?!?!

Bottom line: If you like to see home games, we need prices of tickets REDUCED. If you want home games to be sold out so you can watch on TV, we need ticket priced REDUCED. They can't reduce ticket prices if the average at best players make ridiculous money. Heck, not even if the superstars (not just because you have the same name as another superstar) make ridiculous money, it will equal the death of the game. Demand more for our money and pay less or soon they won't have to worry about strikes, they'll have to worry about boycotts.

Just my $.02 (and I'm lucky to get even that much)

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